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Contribute Biological Samples to Research Programs

Every year, billions of human biospecimens are thrown into the trash after diagnostic testing is complete or stored indefinitely in biobanking facilities. However, these solid tissues, biofluids, and cells hold incredible value for medical research. iSpecimen partners with hospitals, labs, biobanks, Health Information Exchanges, blood centers, and other clinical institutions to make their lab discards, banked biological samples, or philanthropic donor patients available to scientists and researchers through the iSpecimen Marketplace.

iSpecimen partners receive everything they need when they join the iSpecimen Partner Program – including free technology, compliance support, lab training, and SOPs. And joining the iSpecimen Marketplace is easy:

  1. Contact stating your interest
  2. Sign iSpecimen’s supplier agreement and submit a compliance audit
  3. Send sample data to iSpecimen so our technologists can map it to the marketplace
  4. Upload your actual data to our secure server on Amazon Web Services

Increase your revenue and accelerate discovery by moving your specimens into research. Watch the demo below.

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Generate recurring, high-margin revenue

iSpecimen’s partners receive a recurring revenue stream and direct cost reimbursement for each sample sourced and delivered to iSpecimen or our customers.

Connect with us to learn how your institution can participate.

Enhance research competitiveness

iSpecimen brings unique technology to partner sites that makes it easy to identify the patients and specimens that researchers need. This same technology that we use to find biological samples for our customers can be used by your internal researchers for their own programs. Direct access to a ready supply of biospecimens saves researchers time and money and makes your institution more competitive for grants and talent.

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Ensure laboratory compliance

Compliance management is an integral part of the iSpecimen Partner Program. iSpecimen’s technology enables full compliance with HIPAA, the Common Rule, and IRB requirements, as well as any applicable hospital policies on consent and sample usage. We ensure that only the specimens that are compliant with federal, state, and institutional regulations are released for research.

Help advance patient care

By contributing specimens to medical research, participating institutions contribute to the advancement of healthcare. iSpecimen’s partners are advancing the availability of new diagnostics and treatments for patients in their communities.

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