For Partners

The iSpecimen Partner Network supports important medical research and generates revenue for partners who contribute remnant, banked, or prospectively collected biospecimens

The iSpecimen Partner Network consists of hospitals, commercial labs, biobanks/biorepositories, Health Information Exchanges, and other clinical institutions looking to generate revenue for the service of providing remnant, banked, or prospectively collected biospecimens for research. Most importantly, partnering with iSpecimen by joining the iSpecimen Marketplace contributes to medical discovery, and this leads to better patient care.

iSpecimen provides its partners with no-cost technology to accelerate accurate specimen selection, ensure compliance in specimen de-identification, and manage orders. Contact us to learn more and watch the video below to see how the iSpecimen Marketplace makes specimen procurement and fulfillment easy.

hospitals and commercial labs

Hospitals and Commercial Labs

Broad Patient Populations

Because of their broad groups of patients, hospitals and commercial labs are in a great position to provide a variety of specimens for research. And because hospitals often have detailed medical records, their specimens can be paired with rich and valuable data, which is in extremely high demand. For academic medical centers with active research programs, iSpecimen’s technology can also be used to provide internal researchers with fast access to solid tissuebiofluids, and human primary cells from our network.


Leverage Existing Investments

For hospital-based or independent biobanks/biorepositories, iSpecimen directs specimens into appropriate diagnostic, pharmaceutical, biotech, government, and academic programs outside of the institution, further advancing research and providing an additional source of revenue. The iSpecimen Partner Program ensures your biobank/biorepository reach is extended and your inventory is used.

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Health Information Exchanges

A Wealth of Data to be Paired with Member Hospital Specimens

Health Information Exchanges are in a unique position to leverage existing operations for human specimen procurement in collaboration with their member hospitals. Because the HIE consolidates a wealth of patient data from across multiple care sites, this data can be de-identified and paired with specimens from participating hospitals for a new stream of revenue to enhance sustainability.