Infographic: The Philanthropic Patient At-a-Glance

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Infographic: TriCore by the Numbers

This week, iSpecimen announced our agreement with TriCore, New Mexico’s largest reference laboratory. Now, iSpecimen’s cloud-based technology will be used to tap into the flow…

iSpecimen Mental Health Infographic

Personalized Medicine and Promise for Mental Health

May is National Mental Health Month, and in recognition we at iSpecimen thought it important to shed light onto the importance of personalized medicine in mental health. More prevalent than many know, and often harder to detect as most mental conditions cannot be “seen”, mental illness affects 50% of the U.S. population – and that is only directly. Add the family members and friends who experience the hardships of their loved ones, and that number becomes much higher.

Value of Human Biospecimens for Cancer Research Infographic 2

The Value of Human Biospecimens for Cancer Research in the US

February is National Cancer Prevention Month – and while this devastating illness affects human lives every single day, the month is a time for dedicated to spreading awareness on lowering cancer risks. A strong supply of well annotated, high-quality human biospecimens is critical to cancer research, both for treatment and prevention.