About iSpecimen

Our Company

iSpecimen is a supplier of human biospecimens to the life science industry, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and academic researchers. Our mission is to make it easy for medical researchers to access high quality human biospecimens along with associated data to fuel their studies. We supply researchers with biofluids, solid tissue, and cells, including but not limited to blood, plasma, serum, urine, FFPE blocks and slides, fresh and frozen tissue, bone marrow cells, and PBMCs.

To provide researchers with access to richly-annotated specimens that precisely match their requirements, we track millions of patients, specimens, and specimen- and patient-level data that flow through our partner network. Depending on what our customers need, we either pull remnant specimens from clinical workflows, stored specimens from biorepositories, or approach and consent willing patients for research-use donations.

Our History

The idea for iSpecimen’s pioneering technology was born out of a research program at a major academic hospital where university researchers saved time and money by using clinical discards to drive their studies. iSpecimen leveraged this idea and developed proprietary technology which now resides at clinical laboratories in the iSpecimen Partner Network in order to bring these same efficiencies to the rest of the life sciences research community not only for remnant samples, but also for banked samples and those collected specifically for research.

Our Partners

The iSpecimen Partner Network includes hospitals, commercial laboratories, biorepositories, blood centers, Health Information Exchanges, specialty clinics and academic institutions. These facilities provide iSpecimen with human biospecimens and de-identified patient data to help advance medical research in exchange for a recurring revenue stream and more efficient access to specimens for their own internal research programs.

Our Customers

iSpecimen provides richly-annotated specimens to medical researchers in the life science industry, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotech and contract research organizations. Our customers also include researchers in government agencies and academic institutions.